The world’s first contactless system of detecting health
and behavioural dysfunctions in horses.

It has been invaluable for safety monitoring horses when they are left unattended.
We use contactless technology and continuous measurement to maximise the security,
well-being and performance of your horse.

Equine everyday problems

Current generation of on-market contact devices usually harm,
irritate skin or disturb the horse and often cause injuries and allergic reaction.

  • Horses often die due to health disorders like colic, if treatment is delayed.
  • Trainers and owners need reliable real-time and historical data about their horses’ condition before and after training to minimise injuries and optimise training.
  • Equine Influenza like EHV-1 is an acute, highly contagious viral disease which can spread rapidly and causes respiratory disease, abortion and neurologic disease, when it is discovered too late.
  • Many problems during foaling can be handled easily if they are noticed in time.


EquiGuardian acts as an early warning system
– it will inform you at the very first sign of equine danger or distress.

Our technology requires no sensors attached to your horse.
You obtain a revolutionary 24/7 in-the-box surveillance of your horse.

Your horse’s vital life parameters are measured both noninvasively and remotely 24/7

In the event of an emergency situation such as:
Colic, foaling, EHV1, cardiac insufficiency, equine influenza, equine piroplasmosis,
equine tendinitis, poisoning, lameness, being cast and many others
EquiGuardian should provide YOU with peace of mind...

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EquiGuardian system components




Our innovative, extremely durable smart device is installed in your stable box. Its enclosure is water and dust resistant.




Horse is monitored 24/7 and in case of any danger or distress the system will send an immediate ALERT notification to the user.




All data analysis takes place in the cloud. It is fully encrypted and unauthorized users are unable to access it.




The EquiGuardian App provides you with credible data 24/7 and help you to draw a sound conclusion.

EquiGuardian system components
EquiGuardian system components

EquiGuardian records

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Juliette Mallison

As a Vet, I always say “prevention is better than cure”. The EquiGuardian system provides me with an assessment of my horse’s health 24/7, giving me a much better idea of what the problem (if there is one) might be. In the EquiGuardian App, I can see that my horse has, for example a fever, or the signs of colic. I can even see when the first symptoms started to appear. EquiGuardian is a system for the future, because signs of illness in stabled horses can be detected at an early stage. This means that precautionary measures can often be taken and the care can be provided as quick as possible. EquiGuardian assists riders to better care for their horses. You can “keep an eye” on your horse when you are not in the stable. In addition, the EquiGuardian system comes highly recommended for all types of training stables and veterinary clinics.

Dr. Vet. Med. Juliette Mallison MA. Vet. MB, MRCVS

For whom

EquiGuardian is designed for all horse lovers


Hundreds horses’ care

It is impossible to care for a hundreds horses in person – each veterinarian can personally be with only one horse at a time. But with our system the impossible is now achievable. You can take care of a hundreds horses with one click.

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Helping winning horses

EquiGuardian system is your valuable asset in a training and conditioning program which brings you closer to the success.

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Click & know everything

Wherever you are, you know everything about your horses’ well-being and health – our system will connect you with your horses 24/7 and in case of any danger will send an immediate alarm notification.

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Caring & Breeding

Care and breed more effectively. EquiGuardian is an invaluable addition to all breeding farms. It provides you with the most comprehensive information about the health and well-being of all your horses.

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EquiGuardian unique selling proposition

Contactless technology & continuous measurement

Thanks to remote and continuous surveillance,
your horse is neither harmed nor disturbed,
and is safe and well looked after – even at night
or when you are miles away.

EquiGuardian gives you time to react before the emergency arises!

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